Friday, April 30, 2010


So, most of you have probably noticed that I have been MIA-Missing in Action! That is because Matt and I just got back from a 3 day conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! There was an amazing group of 12 speakers who touched me in every way. I cried, I laughed, cried some more and was completely blessed by the Lord. I thought I would have time to get some blog posts in while I was away, but there was NO time. It was action packed and tons of fun! God spoke some pretty awesome things to me and I have total peace for the future. I am so thankful for the experience.

I am thankful to be home though Without our suitcase! I carefully packed everything we would both need in one suitcase and it didn't end up coming home with us! It too was MIA, but thank God, it has been found. It should be delivered home at around midnight tonight. I was really not up to losing my $100 Chi hair straightener. The clothes, shoes, etc. I could have lived without, but NOT my Chi! :)

Since I have been out of posting for so many days I can feel this post getting long already. Hang in there.

Funny story. Actually, if you were there, it was downright hilarious. So, my awesome friend Suzanne went on the trip as well. She is my couponing protege. I taught her how to CVS almost 2 years ago and she took the bull by the horns and has bypassed my skills in Target and Walgreens (Wags for short to all diehard couponers) for sure! She helped me get into Wags actually. So, knowing that we were going to be going to this conference, I texted her and said, "what are the chances we are going to get to do some Wags while we were there?" She immediately texted back with "VERY high-I am bringing my coupons!"

We spotted a Wags on the way to the conference on the second day and made a game plan. We would drop everyone back off at the hotel after the afternoon session and head back out on our own. It worked perfectly. After we got back in the car though, after I had done 4 transactions and she had done 1 or 2, we both noticed that we had been overcharged on something. Not cool. BUT, we had Not felt the love from these Baton Rouge, Highland Road Wags clerks so I pulled out my trusty iPhone and found another one just a few miles up the road.

We headed there ready to do our refunds and maybe a few more transactions since we were prepared with the coupons. Again, no love whatosever for the 2 coupon queens from Florida, but we got it done. Suzanne said I pulled her way out of her comfort zone (doing the refunds, 2 separate stores, snotty managers, etc...not fun, but in my opinion, necesary. I am NOT spending $2.60 OOP (out of pocket) if I don't have to), but that she was glad for it! She may have been lying to me. LOL!

Anyway, my score was 3 things of aluminum foil, 3 Skintimate Shave Cream (BEST shaving product for shaving your legs ever!), 1 roll of packing tape and 2 bags of Dentek piks. I packed it all in my luggage and never thought about it again...

Until the airport. We put our luggage on the scale to weigh it and it was 7 pounds over! Everyone else had already taken care of their luggage and were waiting around for us to be finished so we could go to our gate. 7 pounds!

Fortunately, Bryan, one of the guys who went to the conference, was standing there and had room in his duffel bag so he opened it up and said, just start taking stuff out to transfer. First things I grabbed were the 3 rolls of alumnium foil out of the front pocket. My mother-in-law (MIL) was watching the whole fiasco and BURST out laughing so loudly at the sight of something so weird coming out of my suitcase.

I was already stinking hot because the New Orleans airport apparently doesn't believe in air conditioning, but then I was getting all hot and flustered at the thought of the possibility of spending a $50 overage fee for my bag. So, my MIL started laughing and I just lost it. I was laughing so hard as I was pulling more and more stuff out from my Wags trip. I was looking around and telling everyone, I HAD to buy it, it was free! How could I not?

It was not until we had finally gotten enough stuff transferred to Bryan's duffel, that I realized, that free aluminum foil could have cost me $50!!!! LOL! Would that not have been the biggest deal dud EVER? It was so funny. We were laughing about it for a while.

Funny part two: So, we get to Orlando Airport to discover that our bag had not made it, BUT Bryan handed me all of my stuff from his duffel and if nothing else, I had my aluminum foil to carry around in my arms! That made the whole story funny again and we all had a good laugh.

Soccer game and homeschool meeting tomorrow, church and work Sunday, back to reality. The temporary escape was really nice, but there truly is no place like home. I am working on lots of stuff right now-several book reviews, some personal testimony stories and of course lots and lots of deals. Thank you all for being faithful readers/followers of my blog. It means the world to me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

UPDATE - Coupon Now Printing for CVS Two Free Kodak Picture Movie DVDs

Just a quick note, the coupons are now printing again from Kodak for the CVS Two Free Kodak Picture Movie DVDs. To see the details Jessica previously posted, click HERE.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Franklin Goose - Update

You might remember Jessica's post about Franklin Goose HERE. Hopefully you didn't miss out! Their response was so overwhelming, it's taking them a while to get the items sent out. You can no longer do reviews for store credit.

However, if you have some time, you can bank your bucks and earn 10-20%! I thought mine would automatically bank if I kept it in my account. I was wrong. You have to sign in, go to your account, then under Store Credit you'll see how much you earned. Under that will be a button to show you how much more you can earn. If you bank it for 6 months, you can earn an extra 10%. 1 year will earn you 20%. You must choose to bank it in order to start your 6 months-1 year time. Their stuff can be expensive, so I decided to bank mine for a year to get more bang for my buck.

I do not know if they will send a reminder email when your banking time is up. I'm setting up a reminder on my calendar for next year.

Guest Contributor: Denise

FREE History Channel DVD

The History Channel is offering a free "America The Story of US" DVD to public, private and HOMESCHOOLERS (yay!!!). Go to this website and register before July 1st. DVD will be mailed in August and free shipping is included with this offer (another yay!!!)

Thanks Damaris and Heather!

31 cent Scoop Night @ Baskin Robbins

I scream, you scream....

Who doesn't like ice cream??? On Wednesday, April 28th from 5-10pm, join us for 31 Cent Scoop Night at Baskin-Robbins® and help us honor America's firefighters. The Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation is donating $100,000 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation™ (NFFF).

Participating stores will reduce prices of ice cream scoops to 31 cents (up to 3 scoops per person). At some locations, you may also have an opportunity to make a donation to your local fire charities.

Not sure you will remember that far in advance? You can sign up on their website for a text reminder! More details and to sign up for a text reminder, go HERE.

(while you are there, sign up you entire family for their birthday club to get a coupon for a free cone on their birthday HERE.)

Guest Contributor: Denise

Monday, April 26, 2010

Coupons to print-get 'em while they're hot!

The following coupons (and more!) will not be available to print anymore once May 1st is upon us. Print them while you can! Side note: you can print each of them from twice!

$1 off any Welch's 64 ounce juice

$2 off Heinz 57 10 ounce

$1 off any one bag of Birds Eye Voila meals (these are actually really good and are BOGO at Publix all the time-remember you can use 2 coupons on BOGO items. woohoo!)

$10 off $60 purchase at Rack Room Shoes (they have Buy One get One 1/2 off all the time!)

$2 coupons for a variety of DVDs

CVS: TWO FREE Kodak Picture Movie DVDs

** Kodak coupon is currently not printing, but check back at the link below later to see if they have corrected the issue. I will update if I find that it is working again.

For those who know me well, you know that CVS is my favorite store...EVER. This is one of the reasons why.

From April 25-May 1 Buy 2 Kodak Picture Movie DVDs and get them Buy One, Get One FREE. PLUS, use this coupon as well to get them both for absolutely free.

I have made these DVDs before (bring in a zip drive or a CD of pics or your camera's SD card to the store with you to make your DVD). My kids will watch them over and over and over because it is all pictures of them and our family set to a great song and they LOVE them. This seriously would make an amazing Mother's Day Present. :)

JCPenney: $10 off $10 plus 3% cashback

Sounds intense-it's super easy though.

From April 25th through May 6th you can get $10 off any order of $10 or more plus 3% cash back.

1. Sign up or log in if you already have an account to ShopAtHome. Search for JCP and click through to shop at the JCPenney website. If you are a new sign up to ShopAtHome, you will get $5 after your first purchase which sweetens the deal even more.

2. Pick at least $10 worth of item(s). Use coupon code 4BESTMOM to get $10 off your order. You will still pay the shipping of $5.95, but check out the clearance section or the outlet section for some really great deals! Think Mother's Day!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chocolate Eclair Dessert

This is my second ever baking post. Check out my other one HERE to find out how to make the best strawberry lemonade and cookies ever.

This recipe I am posting today requires NO baking!! A big thank you to my friend Leigh Ann for introducing me to this dessert. It is soooo good!

I made it for my MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) one time and I haven't made it in a long time, but I got some requests for it so I whipped up a couple batches for our meeting on Monday. It is sooo fast and so easy and so delicious. Here is the recipe, followed by the step by step pictures!

1) Line dish w/ graham crackers
2) Mix 3 cups of milk w/ 2 boxes (3.4 oz.) Vanilla instant pudding, then stir in a 12 oz. tub of whip cream. Once mixed well, layer on top of graham crackers.
3) Add another layer of graham crackers on top of filling.
4) Melt icing for 1 min. in microwave (Duncan Hines Classic Chocolate is the preferred, but I used Aldi brand and it was perfectly fine), then pour over the top of graham crackers.
5) CHILL for atleast 2-3 hrs.! (I usually chill it overnight)

Gather the ingredients.

Line the dish with graham crackers
Whip up the milk, pudding and whipped cream

Another layer of graham crackers
The finished product. OK, my phone camera did NOT do it justice. This thing has to be tasted to make you a believer! :)

Target Deals: 4/25-5/1

It's Sunday! Which means it is time for new weekly deals at Target.

There are some ongoing deals in which you can still get some free Motrin, GE Energy Smart Light bulbs and several travel size items. Check out a comprehensive list of deals and coupon match-ups HERE and HERE.

Don't forget also about the link to at the top of my blog or right HERE where you can print a ton of coupons in every category imaginable. A note on these coupons is that they reset and new ones come out at the beginning of every month so you only have a few more days to print the coupons that are there.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

FREE Schick razors at Wal-Mart

There is a $2/1 ANY Shick Razor coupon here. This makes for some free 12-packs at Wal-Mart pictured above. These are normally priced at $1.97.

CVS: FREE photo magnet

Sorry for my lack of posting yesterday! Busy, busy day. Matt took the boys camping which lasted all of 6 hours, but hey, it was an adventure! They all had fun and I got to get my car washed, the entire house cleaned and go to dinner and a movie with some girlfriends. Overall success in my eyes!

Anyway, I found a great deal just now that I completed to ensure it really worked. You can get a FREE CVS photo magnet when you have delivered to the store. This is how:

1. Go to CVS Photo

2. Click on 4 x 6 magnet for $6.99

3. Create your magnet-upload picture, etc. and at the very last window it will have a space to enter a code. Enter FREE4MOM to get your magnet for free!

Don't forget to choose to pick it up at your local store to avoid a shipping cost. Also, it will show that a fee will be processed because you are under $5 but in the end the total truly is $0!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Publix: 4/22-4/28

Here we are at Thursday again, so it's time for the link to the Publix coupon match-ups!

Also, go HERE for some Publix tips and tricks to save even more money.

Lots of great deals this week at Publix as always and if you scroll down to "Personal Care" you will find ways to get the following items absolutely FREE:

Benadryl Allergy

Benadryl Cream




Bayer aspirin

Reach Floss

Books A Million: Free coffee and more

In celebration of Earth Day, today, you can bring in a travel mug and get a free cup of brewed coffee. You can also get a FREE Lorax bookmark and seeds. Bring in your own reusable bag and get 20% off anything you can fit in it!

Check out this LINK for more infomation.

Thanks Michelle!

Reminder...Walgreens: $1 ink cartridges TODAY only

Here is your friendly reminder. Walgreens is refilling your ink cartridges TODAY only for $1, black or color ink. I am so excited! Go HERE for my previous post and all the details.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10 Free Pampers GIfts to Grow Points

NEW CODE! Enter code GTGSPRINGFREE10 into your Pampers Gifts to Grow account for 10 FREE points.

For more information on Gifts to Grow, go HERE.

Missed past codes??? Click on the labels below the post to see what other posts are out there! Click on Gifts to Grow and see all posts that has codes!

Guest Contributor: Denise

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HOT Deal-Walgreens: $1 refill printer cartridges THURSDAY only

On Thursday, April 22nd ONLY, in celebration of Earth Day, Walgreens is offering to refill your printer cartridges for $1, black OR color.

The black cartridge alone that I have to buy for my printer are $45 so this is a HUGE savings for me. Plus, I have not gotten a new color cartridge in over 2 years because the cost is unnecessary, but for $1?!?!

Use the in-ad coupon...they have a stack of their ads at the front of every store. To see what it looks like, click HERE.

Go HERE to see if they refill your specific printer cartridge. Find a Walgreens near you. I will try to post a reminder on Thursday so no one misses out!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jedi level 2?

Anyway, I think I need to be Jedi level 2 or something because I just figured out (with very little help!) how to add a subscription box to my blog. I am sooo not internet, HTML or blog savvy, which is why I have resisted this whole thing for so long, but I think I did it!!'

So, apparently, being a follower of my blog does not e-mail update you like I previously thought, but the feedburner subscription does! Just type in your e-mail address in that little box on the top right hand side of my blog and there ya go! THANK you for everyone who is supporting me, following my blog and subscribing!!

And, on a side note, can I just say that I really have no idea WHAT a Jedi is because I have never seen Star Wars. I know, I know. I can hear the gasps, the loudest one is from my own husband! :) Anyway, I know they are cool and it's a good thing to be, so I will accept the recognition with pride and maybe one day I will actually watch Star Wars and truly understand the ways of the Jedi. hahaha!

Target deals: 4/18-4/24

Motrin PM (20 ct) – $3.99/ea
Use $3/1 Motrin PM product 4/18/2010 RP insert

Use $1/1
Target printable coupon

Final Price = FREE

GE Energy Smart Light bulbs – $2.99/ea (starting price at some stores)
Use $1/1

Use $2/1 Target coupon

Final Price = FREE

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion (look for pkgs w/1 oz samples attached) – $4.99-5.99/ea
Use $3.75/1 Vaseline Sheer Infusion 4/11/2010 RP Insert

Use $1/1 Target Printable Coupon (Vaseline Body Lotion)

Final Price = $0.24-1.24/ea

Look for new Publix deals to come out on Thursday!

FREE Men's socks at Target

Merona men's socks are on sale for $2.99 and there is a $3 printable coupon. I doubt this coupon will last long, so print it while you can!

BOGO 25 cents Blizzard

Starting today, Dairy Queen is offering Buy One Blizzard, get the second for 25 cents! This is a week long deal and there is no coupon necessary!

Also, sign up for the Blizzard Fan Club also to get several free DQ coupons per year. Find a DQ near you.
Thanks Joia!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Apparently, I am a Jedi

According to my husband, I am a Jedi when it comes to saving money! That is so hilarious to me, but it truly touches me too. It is a lot of work to save the amount of money that I save our family and there are some days I want to give up, but when he calls me a Jedi in front of a group of people, it makes it all worth it!! :)
This speaks to the fact that my number 1 love language is Words of Affirmation. If you haven't already, go take the FREE Love Languages Assessment test that I mentioned earlier in the week.
There really are some great things to learn if you keep reading this post. I wanted to point out some really great ways that I save money that I thought of while driving home. Many ways I save money are so ingrained in me now that I don't even think of them to blog about, but here are a few that not everyone may know:


1.) When there is a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) item at Publix (they have a huge list of them every single week) you can use TWO coupons even though you are getting one of them free. On top of that, you can use one manufacturer's coupon (MQ) and one store coupon (SQ) on the same item. If there was an item that was BOGO and you had 2 MQs and 2 SQs, you could use them all and possibly (probably!) MAKE money on that item.

2.) Publix accepts competitor's coupons!!! I noticed in the 2010 Entertainment Book that there were $5/$20 coupons for Save-A-Lot. I will most likely never go there so I will use those Save-A-Lot coupons at Publix!! The Entertainment Books are normally $20-$25 in the beginning of the year. You can get them HERE for $15 with free shipping! These Entertainment Books can also save you a TON of money if you stick to using them for things you would normally purchase anyway. Also, when it comes to Competitor coupons, think Aldi, Food Lion, Winn-Dixie, Target-these are all competitors to Publix and they accept all of their coupons. I love this policy!!
**UPDATE: If you buy the Entertainment Book through Swagbucks, you will get 153 swagbucks added to your account! Go HERE.

3.) If you buy something at Publix and you forget coupons or find some later for an item you purchased, save your receipt and bring the coupons back in and they will hand you CASH in exchange for the coupons. Does it get much better? I did that this week and got $9.45 handed to me in cash.

On-line shopping:
1.) I rarely buy anything on-line unless I can find a coupon for it is awesome for finding coupon codes for most any store.

2.) I absolutely NEVER buy anything unless I buy it and get some kind of rebate. There are many different rebate websites out there, but my preferred one is Go to their site, find the store you want to buy your item and you will get a certain percentage back on your purchase. Some stores offer up to 25% back and you get that in the form of a check mailed to your door! PLUS, you get $5 just for signing up with Shop At Home.

3.) I use as my search engine which gives me free points to buy pretty much anything I want on-line. To learn more, go HERE. To Sign up, go HERE.

Printing coupons:
1.) Not sure where to start? I have a banner at the top and bottom of my blog for They change up their coupons every single month and each one has a print limit of 2 so perfect for those BOGO deals. Or go HERE.

2.) Before you buy a particular product, go to their website and see if they offer any printable coupons or a sign up where they can mail coupons to your home.

Last but not least, Follow my blog. You can do that on the right hand side. I usually post at least once per day if not several times. Lots and lots of the deals that I post are time sensitive so you want to make sure to check back often so you don't miss out.
You can also look back through old posts to see if you anything interests you that you may have missed.

That's all I got for now. If you are just starting on this journey of saving money, STICK with it. It is worth the effort. :)

It is here....

I'm excited to have my own blog button and super thankful to my cousin, Denise, for designing it for me!!

If you would, please add it as a button to your blog. It will allow people to click right on it and come see my blog.


Who doesn't like other choices???


Need more specifics?

Well, if you have a Blogger/Blogspot blog, just go to your Dashboard, then Layout, then Page Elements and click on Add a Gadget.

Thanks for supporting my blog!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Free Homemade Simple coupon booklet

Sign up for a Free Homemade simple coupon book. These come out every once in a while and they have over $30 of coupons for P&G products available! Get it while you can.

$3 Huggies coupon has reset

You can print it two more times right from the banner at the top of the blog!

Target: Free Tote!!

In honor of the first day of Earth Week, Sunday, April 18th, Target is giving away 1.5 million tote bags "with purchase". To find your closest store, go HERE. I also heard there will be a coupon for light bulbs in the free tote as well!

More details HERE

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bath & Body Works FREE Travel Item

You have until 4/21 to print this coupon and get a FREE Bath & Body Works travel item with ANY purchase! Print coupon HERE.

Perfect size for a purse, diaper bag, and traveling with the 3-1-1 TSA restrictions, If you don't have any items you NEED to purchase, pick up one of their $1 Berry Vanilla preview trial size (usually by the counter in a jar) or their 50 cent PocketBac Holders. Print one for all your friends and head out for a girls night!

Click HERE to find a location near you.

Guest Contributor: Denise

Military deal: Free 16 x 20 Canvas

Darn-apparently, they received too many responses so this deal is dead. :(
Canvas on Demand is offering the coolest freebie for Mother's Day. If you are a soldier, register HERE for for Operation "Hi Honey" or Operation "Hi Mom", upload a photo and they will send your mom or wife a 16 x 20 canvas photo.

I love this! What a great company!! Please pass this one on to your friends and family who could utilize this incredible deal!

10 FREE Pampers Points

Enter code GETSTARTEDNOW10 into your Pampers Gifts to Grow account for 10 FREE points.

For more information on Gifts to Grow, go HERE.

Thanks, Denise!

Toys R Us Thomas the Train Playdate

Toys R Us is hosting a Thomas the Train Playdate this Saturday, April 17, 2010 from 11 AM til 1 PM. Enjoy storytime, coloring fun, special offers and FREE gifts.

HERE is a coupon for $5 off Thomas and Friends Mega Blocks that is good for April 17th only.

To find a location near you, go HERE.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Publix: 4/15-4/21

Sorry I am late on this. The new Publix ad started today and there are several things you can get absolutely free like Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner, Midol, Alka-Seltzer, Benadryl Cream and Reach Floss!!!

Those deals are listed below. The link to the rest of them is HERE.
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner, 22 oz, at $3.29 (BOGO $1.64 each)
-$2/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaners “There’s Value in the Family” booklet (store coupon)
-$1/2 Scrubbing Bubbles”One Stop, One Store” booklet (store coupon)
-$1 off Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner, SS 3/21
-.50/1 Any one Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Product March All You Magazine
$5 Mail in Rebate wyb (3) SC Johnson Products

**Deal Idea**
Buy:(4) Scrubbing Bubbles B1G1 at $3.29
Use: (2) -$2/2 store coupons
(4)-$1 off mfr. coupons SS 3/21
Total: you make $1.42 profit!
Submit for Mail in Rebate you make $6.42 profit!

Alka Seltzer starting at $2.49
-$2 off Aleve, Midol, Bayer Aspirin, Alka-Seltzer, Green Adv. Flyer (store coupon)
-$1 off Alka-Seltzer Plus products 10 ct + RP 2/21(use both makes it FREE)

Bayer Aspirin 24ct $2.23
-$2 off Aleve, Midol, Bayer Aspirin, Alka-Seltzer, Green Adv. Flyer (store coupon)
-$1 off Bayer printable
-$1 off Bayer Heart Health Advantage or Bayer aspirin 10 ct + SS 3/21(use both makes it FREE)

Midol $3.69
-$2 off Aleve, Midol, Bayer Aspirin, Alka-Seltzer, Green Adv. Flyer (store coupon)
-$2 off Midol printable(use both makes it FREE)

Benadryl Cream starting at $3.81
-$1.50 off any Benedryl 1 oz+ or 6-100 ct. Green Green Adv. Flyer (store coupon)
-$5/2 Sudafed or Benadryl RP 4/11 (makes it FREE)

Reach Access Flosser or Reach Floss 99¢
-.75/1 off Reach Total Care Toothbrush or floss RP 1/31
-$1 off Reach Floss RP 3/07, 1/03, 10/18/09, 6/14/09
-$1 off Reach Toothbrush or Floss printable (makes it FREE)

Free Blue Bunny at Wal-Mart

You will get a $1/1 coupon in your e-mail when you sign up for the Blue Bunny iScream Club. The initial coupon they will let you print is for a larger size box of ice cream, but they will e-mail you a coupon for $1 off ANY Blue Bunny product.

Use it on the Neopolitan Ice Cream sandwich which is on sale for $1 now at Wal-Mart. Or hold on to the coupon because it doesn't expire until December 31st!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Tax Day (tomorrow)!

I know that tax day can be really stressful for some, but thanks to some great companies who are at least offering us some free stuff!! :) Here is a recap and some new deals that are good for April 15th (Thursday) only!!

Subway FREE cookie! it doesn't appear that there is a purchase necessary!

More deals HERE.

Dunkin Donuts: Free donut on tax day

Dunkin Donuts is wishing their customers a less taxing tax day by offering a free donut with the purchase of any size cup of coffee on Thursday, April 15th.

The 5 Love Languages free test

The 5 Love Languages
is a great book written by Gary Chapman. I know many people who have read it and who have gleaned huge results in their relationships. Well, they have a new assessment on-line that you can take to figure out what your primary love language is. I wouldn't recommend the 30-second test only because the regular one only takes a couple minutes and it is much more thorough.

Check it out HERE!

High-value Huggies coupons

The $3 Huggies coupon is back in two locations! HERE and HERE . You can print the coupon two times per link.

Also, I am very excited to report that I was just accepted as an affiliate with and you can now print your coupons directly from my blog...EVEN the Huggies coupon!! See the banner at the very top or very bottom of the blog. By doing so, you support my blog!! Thank you in advance. :)

Buy One Get One FREE Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is having a BOGO sale to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Buy one drink off the menu, get another drink of equal or lesser value for free. The coupon can be printed from their website HERE. Valid 4/12-4/25. Not sure if you have one by you? Check store locations HERE.

Guest Contributor: Denise

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Free Audio Download of The Treasure Principle is offering a free audio download of Randy Alcorn's book The Treasure Principle until 12 PM PST April 16, 2010.

Add it to your cart and add the coupon code TREPRIN10 at checkout to get it for FREE!

FREE Starbucks: Thursday, April 15th

On Thursday, April 15th, bring a reusable travel mug into your nearest Starbucks and get a free brewed coffee! I can bet that there are going to be a LOT more tax day deals showing up so stay tuned!!!

Free Admission for Military to Sea World, Sesame Place and Busch Gardens!

My brother is in the Air Force so I love to find some military deals!!

If you are in the military, you and 3 direct dependents can receive FREE admission to Sea World, Busch Gardens or Sesame Place Parks during 2010!! Go HERE to register.

For more information and locations, check out the following links:

FREE Financial Peace University Lesson on-line

I just got an e-mail regarding this FREE Financial Peace University Lesson on-line and I am definitely going to watch this with my husband. We have already found so much freedom financially in the principles that Dave Ramsey teaches. Check out the free online lesson HERE.

Also, here and here are 2 previous posts with some helpful resources and links.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Today is a good day to get in on the action

Swagbucks. I know you have heard of it and either get it, or you don't. It really is not hard, I promise you. It is fun and so worth it. Check out my intro post to it HERE. Sign up HERE. And, then check out this blog post from the official swag blog that will tell you 5 ways to find "codes".

Let me say that the main way you earn swagbucks is by just searching the web (just like Google-but use But, they add an element of fun by putting "codes" out there at random times. There is one code out there right NOW (find it at that link) that expires by 2 PM Eastern Standard Time. BUT there are going to be 2 more today! Check it out-it's fun!

FREE box of Mac & Cheese!

Become a fan of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and get a coupon for a FREE box of Cheesy Explosion. Click on the Free Cheesy tab, click Get the Coupon and fill out the form. They mail you the coupon which saves some printer ink. woo-hoo for free!!!

Target deals 4/11-4/17

There are some great Target deals this week. I will be updating this throughout the week as it seems there are new deals discovered all the time!

Here are two different links for the deals this week:
#2-printable coupons