Friday, April 9, 2010

Beall's Oulet-49 and UNDER discount!!

On Fridays, Beall's Outlet has 15% off for anyone UNDER 49. So, instead of a senior citizen discount, they offer it to young folk! :) You just have to tell the cashier to give you a little savings card that you put in your wallet and then on Friday you get an extra 15% off stuff.

I bought a ton of stuff the other day, including new cushions for my patio furniture, new rugs for my bathroom and kitchen and then a couple other misc. items. All for under $60! It was so fun. Anyway, I saved $10. more on top of stuff that is already marked prettty inexpensive. They have a TON of baby clothes and for me it's nice cause they also sell Mark's Dockers that he likes to wear to work. Good deals for regular department store stuff. Gosh, I should be a spokesperson. :) ha ha ha lol

To find a location near you, go here!

Guest post: Angela

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Mom said...

...and I think the 'seniors' discount is on Monday's right? Not that *I* am a senior now or anything like that....sigh. ;-)