Monday, March 29, 2010

Franklin Goose-free $5 credit for every review you write...NO LIMIT!

This is a company I have just heard of, but from a very reputable source. It is a baby product company that has everything you could imagine.

They are offering a $5 credit for every review you write...NO limit! One lady has written 53 reviews, thus has a credit in her account for $265!! PLUS, their shipping is flat rate $5 and the credits can cover the shipping as well. This is almost too good to be true. The only downside is that this offer expires on March 31st. So, you have 3 days to complete your reviews.

What is even more amazing is that they are offering a 20% discount if you choose to bank your credits for 6 months to a year. The details of that offer is HERE.

Register in the top right hand corner.

Find a product that you have used or own and click on it. An easy one to start with is the book Goodnight Moon. Haven't we all read that at least once? Or, in my case, 52,373 times.

Click "add your thoughts" and do it!

Go HERE for more details. And check out some Frequently Asked Questions. Apparently, the company is being inundated (obviously! it's a great deal!) and they are legitimizing every review before they give you the credit so it is taking a few days to get your credits. I am going to go get started on some reviews right now!!


Jessica said...

I did it! I got $35 worth of credits and order myself a baby Bjorn little potty trainer, a food slicer and some teething gel! plus it was just under $30 so shipping was paid for too! :)

denise said...

I got all my credits!!!! I was just thinking about this and went back to the post because I could not remember the company name. LOL! You should post again in 6 months for people to check it because it would give the 20% banking bonus!

Anonymous said...

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