Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guess where..?

This morning, I was reading in 1 Samuel and Reagan wanted me to read out loud to him and not "in my brain". So, I started reading and there was a part that talked about killing cows for sacrifice. He asked who killed the cows? I explained who and why and his face got pretty sad. So, then I said, well you know we get hamburgers from cows, right? And, he said no way!

Jessica: Yes way. Where do we get bacon?
Reagan: Ummm...chickens?
Jessica: No, pigs! Where do we get eggs?
Reagan: Eels?
Jessica: No chickens!
Reagan: Guess where we get pancakes?
Jessica: Where?
Reagan: Pterodactyls!
Jessica: hahahahaha!
Reagan: Guess where we get water?
Jessica: Where?
Reagan: Ice! I'm serious about that one.

That was all before 9 AM. This is going to be a fun day! :)


denise said...

lol, he cracks me up! We had the chicken talk early, as we lived in NWArkansas where MANY of the Tyson chicken farms were. We saw chicken on the trucks ALL the time (heading out to be made into frozen chicken).

It is a sad day when they will put all that together about the circle of life :D

Mom said...

I just read Reagan's comments to Gr'ma E. and we both had a good chuckle. Reagan is so delightful. I love this age! Love, Mom