Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Free Dave Ramsey FPU class

Go HERE to sign up for a free Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class. My husband and I have a goal of being 100% debt free, cars, house, everything! We are trying out the baby step principles that Dave Ramsey teaches and we are really excited. If you want more info about the baby steps, go HERE.


denise said...

I have friends that LIVE by FPU and love it! They started out in Jan 2007 and by 2009 are debt free and save up cash for most everything. I wish we could be, I need to find out what DR says about school debts. We have undergraduate for both of us, and graduate for Dan which makes for close to 70k in debt. UGH!

Jessica said...

Ugh is right in the present and in the natural, but we don't live in the natural-there is for sure breakthrough on your horizon and I am praying for it for you guys!! Maybe FPU would be a big help to give some direction!!! love you!

aunt mary said...

U/D & I have taken DR's full FPU classes, and they are awesome. You won't regret it. We learned so much. CD audios come with the whole program so you can re-listen to what you see on the videos. As a member of FPU you can access his website for lots of additional help and info. We have told D&D about them and have let them borrow the CD of lession 12.