Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Disney Movie Rewards

Disney Movie Rewards works JUST like Pampers Gifts to Grow program that Jessica talked about the other day. You can earn points by different free codes, or through purchases. I was hesitant to sign up for yet another program, but I am happy to say that within 1 day of signing up I have 285 points! Redeeming rewards starts at 175 points. You can redeem for products to be sent to you through the mail, or free codes to online places such as Snapfish. View the reward catalog HERE.

Sign up HERE for free. Enter in the following codes for points extra points. Enter codes from any recent DVD and Blu-ray Disney movies you have purchased. Within a day I got an email for 25 bonus points also.

Popular = 10 FREE Points
Partners = 15 FREE Points
Wildflower = 20 FREE Points
Online = 25 FREE Points
Green = 30 FREE Points
9FTMRYWEK = 50 points
FM39V03SSW = 5 points
Do their survey (once you sign up) about moves you buy for 100 points! (it only took me a couple minutes to do this)

Guest Contributor: Denise


Jessica said...

woohoo!! I love my guest bloggers! :)

Angela said...

i already had a DMR account and didn't even remember...I am up to 280 points already! Whewwwhooo! Now I'll be on the quest to find more points...I have a dozen Disney movies I haven't entered codes for still. I hope they haven't all expired!

denise said...

Love you too!!! Now to get Angela on her blog then she can guest blog too.....

denise said...
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