Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Franklin Goose - Update

You might remember Jessica's post about Franklin Goose HERE. Hopefully you didn't miss out! Their response was so overwhelming, it's taking them a while to get the items sent out. You can no longer do reviews for store credit.

However, if you have some time, you can bank your bucks and earn 10-20%! I thought mine would automatically bank if I kept it in my account. I was wrong. You have to sign in, go to your account, then under Store Credit you'll see how much you earned. Under that will be a button to show you how much more you can earn. If you bank it for 6 months, you can earn an extra 10%. 1 year will earn you 20%. You must choose to bank it in order to start your 6 months-1 year time. Their stuff can be expensive, so I decided to bank mine for a year to get more bang for my buck.

I do not know if they will send a reminder email when your banking time is up. I'm setting up a reminder on my calendar for next year.

Guest Contributor: Denise


Sharon said...

Thank you for the reminder. I forgot to go back and do that. Hopefully, you can remind us in a years time to spend it! :-)

denise said...

Sharon, you are welcome! When my reminder comes up for me next year, I'll try to remember to post about it too :)