Friday, April 9, 2010

Deal gone wrong!

I definitely want to continue to lean towards posting great deals, but every once in a while I want to post a deal gone wrong so you can learn from my mistakes!

Recently, my family and I drove to Plant City to pick strawberries. We didn't do very much research and went to the first place we found on-line. It was a hydroponic organic u-pick farm. Those buzz words should have set us off to the fact that it was WAY overpriced. My husband called before we went and was given a speech on how much better the berries were for you because they were grown hydroponically (apparently, that is a word because it spellchecked!) and they were organic, blah, blah, blah.

We arrived, started to pick away and after we all had a good amount of berries, Matt tried one. Totally sour-not good whatsoever. We immediately stopped picking and went to pay. We were quoted a price of 1.99/lb on the phone, but it actually turned out to be 1.99/lb ONLY if you picked a LARGE amount. We had only picked enough to make it to the amazingly expensive price of 3.50/lb! Are you kidding me? $17 of ridiculous, sour, hydroponic, organic strawberries later and we were on our way. I couldn't believe we had just spent that much on nasty strawberries. Plus the fact that we drove over 4 hours round trip, plus gas and tolls. It turns my stomach even thinking about it again!

We started driving home and on the corner of the road before the highway were 2 large fruit stands. We stopped and bought a flat of their strawberries for $5 (because we wanted some good strawberries, by golly!). The flat was about 6 pounds of strawberries which not only equaled more strawberries than the other ones we got for $17, but these berries were sooo sweet and delicious and well worth it.

In summary, do more research, eat the first strawberry you pick to discover that they might be sour and laugh the whole dumb experience off because you got to spend some quality time with your kids, your husband and even got a blog post out of it. :)


Mom said...

Thanks for the 'dud' strawberries. they really were pretty good when you sliced them, put them on angel food cake and doused them with whipped cream! :-) Love, Mom

Sylvia said...

I love plant city strawberries but never get out there to pick my own...Publix is where I buy them and sometimes I get some dud ones too. Thanks for the heads up.