Thursday, April 22, 2010

Books A Million: Free coffee and more

In celebration of Earth Day, today, you can bring in a travel mug and get a free cup of brewed coffee. You can also get a FREE Lorax bookmark and seeds. Bring in your own reusable bag and get 20% off anything you can fit in it!

Check out this LINK for more infomation.

Thanks Michelle!


auntmary♥ said...

Bummer! Can't find one in MI :(

sharon migala said...

Since we don't have a car the kids and I walked to Walgreens first to drop off our ink cartridges and then walked over to Books a Million for my free coffee (I am very lucky to be in walking distance of quite a few stores) Gave my coffee cup to the lady manning the counter, she asked what kind of coffee I would like, so I said, what do you have. "Regular or bold" "What do you recommend?" "I don't drink coffee." lol, should be a requirement if you man a coffee bar :P She rang up the transaction, which said 50 cents,then she poured my coffee and handed it to me (didn't say a word)I knew it should be free, but the register stood glaring at me 50cents. Well I just thanked her, picked up my seeds, backed out my double stroller and waited for her to run me down for that 50cents. Even funnier was I ended up spilling the coffee outside of Publix! Entertainment at its best! :-)