Monday, October 15, 2012

Book Review: Battle for Cannibal Island

As many of you know, I have a very awesome 7-year-old son. :) I was taught to have a love for reading at an early age and it is my desire that all of my kids love to read too. Easier said than done... When Reagan started reading, finding books that he enjoyed was easy enough, but as his level of reading progressed, I couldn't seem to find books that grabbed his attention. I tried the Magic Treehouse Series, but after a while I realized there was way too much magic in them. Finally, I discovered the Adventures in Odyssey Imagination Series from Focus on the Family. LOVE THEM! I rarely buy books (I love, love, love the library), especially at full price, but once Reagan devoured the first one, I bought the rest right away. I grew up listening to the Adventures in Odyssey radio program and I knew the doctrine was sound so I didn't feel the need to preview every book before he read them. Yay! I was super thrilled to get to review the Battle for Cannibal Island provided by the Tyndale Blog Network...or rather my son will review this great book.

Simply put, he told me that he liked the way the characters travel from one book to the next. He likes the fun adventures they go on. He doesn't want to tell the end of the story because he wants other kids to read it. :)