Wednesday, March 24, 2010


One of my new favorite things...Swagbucks! I had heard and read about Swagbucks for over a year before I finally signed up. I have now been using it for several months. It took me so long because I didn't understand what it was. I so wish I would have done it a year ago!!!

Swagbucks is simply a search engine. Instead of going to or to search for something, go to and search there. Every time you search, there is a chance to earn "swagbucks" which are points (digital dollars) that you can eventually redeem for prizes, i.e. gift cards ( is a favorite one), clothes, video games, video game consoles, the list goes on and on (Matt wants me to earn enough to get him an X-Box whereas I want to save mine and redeem for Starbucks gift cards...we'll see who wins that discussion...haha!)

So, all you do is sign up and start searching! I use swagbucks search for everything. I never use my favorites to go directly to a website anymore because there is always a chance to earn swagbucks instead by searching for it!!

Here are tips to earn extra swag bucks:

1. Install the toolbar
2. Search everything. Even if you already know the web address i.e. yahoo mail
3. Check My widget for codes on the bottom of my blog (see below for a more detailed explanation)
4. Shop through them
5. Trade in old phones (I am going to do this and possibly get 550 swagbucks if Matt lets me trade it in vs. trying to sell it on ebay!)
6. Check my blog!

There are lots of other ways to earn which are clearly stated at in "ways to earn". It is so user friendly and fun!! If you are going to be searching anyway, why not get free "swag" while you're at it?!?

Also, on the bottom of my blog, there is something called a "widget". I have no idea what that means, but I do know that if you click on "codes", there will be swag codes in there sometimes that you enter onto swagbucks "enter your swag code" on the main page for extra swagbucks! Check the widget whenever you are on my blog and maybe there will be a code available. If you have any questions at all, I will do my best to answer them!!

You get 30 Swabucks to start you off. Just sign up HERE to start earning free stuff!!!!! There I go with those exclamation marks again.

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