Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have that song from The Sound of Music, "These Are a Few of my Favorite Things." When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling saddddd, I simply remember my favorite things and then...OK, on with the post. This is actually one of Matt's favorite things. TravelZoo's top 20! TravelZoo is a discount travel site that actually has some amazing deals. They come out with their top 20 best deals on a weekly basis and you can sign up to get them sent to your inbox. Matt and I like getting the e-mails because we LOVE to travel and when we see a 6 night Ireland vacation including air and rental car for $699 (one of this week's deals!), we look at each other and say, One day!! :)

Click HERE to check it out and/or sign up for their weekly e-mail

Side note: Ever since I started this blog, my husband keeps thinking of stuff for me to post! I love having the help, input and support, so keep it coming Matt!


auntmary said...

Good info, thanx ♥ (lol - I check every day too)

Jennifer said...

It is funny... because I have only missed like a couple days of reading and there are so many sites that you've posted for us to check out that I am in overload... lol... Love it! Thanks for sharing. It is kinda like you are a wealth of knowledge for us.
THanks for adding the pics of David's wedding.. I will have to show David.
I love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the marks too!