Tuesday, March 16, 2010


OK, now I have the fever. Less than 30 minutes from my last post, I am posting again! Make sure if you are just starting to read my blog that you read from the bottom up so you can have a clue as to what is going on here! I just requested my next booksneeze book and found out that it is a third book in a series which of course means that I now have to read the other TWO before I can even read this one. All I can say is, they better be worth it and they better be available at the library! Is this your master plan, Booksneeze? You offer the third book in the series so I have to get the other two first before I read the one you are sending me for free?? I am onto you. haha!


denise said...

OH NO! What did you get? The ones I had to choose from were finance stuff, and a Bible Man DVD, which should be in the mail soon!

Jessica said...

the book looks great actually! A Robert Whitlow book. Christian fiction. You should look back at booksneeze, they have lots more available now!

Mom said...

I love Robt. Whitlow's books. You'll have to tell me what the books are, I might have the other 2 you need.
Love, Mom