Saturday, March 27, 2010

So, tell me

I have been doing this blog for almost 2 weeks now. I need some inspiration and direction. What do you want to see more of? What kind of deals interest my viewing audience? Do you like free stuff, certain stores, more cooking posts, more book reviews...? There is soooo much stuff out there and I definitely don't have time to get to all of it, but I want to know where I should focus my efforts. Any input at all would be awesome! And, sincerely, thank you for reading my blog and participating. :)


denise said...

I like all that you are sharing. The coupons and almost free posts are the best. I really enjoyed the fun recipes that you posted. I like the easy, quick yummy type posts, and hints. I'l love to see your posts on cleaning, organization, and what works for you. Of course ANY with the kids and pics are awesome. LOVE reading your thoughts on stuff!!!! HTH :)

Mom said...

Ditto, Denise's comment. I like the 'flavor' of your blog; you've done an amazing job with it. So proud of you, JMB! Love, Mom

Odilie Bagwell said...

Hi Jess!

Thanks for the amazing cookies! Your Cookies were a Blessing to God's amazing Providence. The open house was a success and an affirmation to GOd's direction. He really does want me to do this now! So Praise HIM! All the Glory be HIS! My personal Take on your Blog... LOVE THE LOOK and the name. I like to see where the deals are for sure and links for coupons that DONT MAKE YOU TAKE SURVEY"S OR GET ON LISTS.

Have a Blessed day! OB