Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Free deal right under your butt

Guest Blogger- Matt (husband)
There are free deals right under your butt or maybe your husband's butt. I looked in my wallet the other day and I found a fully filled out free movie stamp card for a free ticket that had been in there for a few months and a $25 gift card to Wal-Mart . I told this to my friend Tom and he had a $10 card to Wal-Mart and a expired $25 card to ticketmaster. My sister in-law overheard us and looked in her wallet and she had a $25 gift card to Kohl's that she didn't know she had and just bought a $60 dress at Dillard's to her regret. She could have bought it at Kohl's with the gift card and saved 25 bucks. She also had really good coupons and some stamps she forgot she had. Now she is going to take the dress back and save 25 bucks at Kohl's.
So check your wallet or you spouse's wallet and start saving.

Note from Jessica: Thanks to my husband for 2 awesome guest posts today! You will be seeing a lot more of that on days like today where there is ZERO time for me to blog. Also, I just noticed that my blog count has crept over the 1,000 mark! I am sooo excited about this. :) Thanks to everyone for reading my blog, signing up to become a follower (right hand side of the blog/halfway down), telling others about it and for being so encouraging and supportive. :)

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