Monday, March 29, 2010

Toys R Us Hasbro Toy Deal

Here's the deal: Get $20 in Hasbro toys and get a $5 Toys R Us gift card. In my mind, that is not that great, but it gets BETTER. Keep reading.

Combine this deal with coupons and even better, a Hasbro Rebate, for some almost FREE games!! They had a similar deal back in December and I got 7 or 8 practically free, brand new games for my kids for Christmas. I am definitely doing it again to have some nice gifts on hand!

The info below in red indicate coupons from the March 21st Smart Source (3/21 SS) insert in the newspaper. I have these coupons if you don't and really want to do these deals. Just comment to let me know how to get them to you and which ones you want (I obviously have a limited quantity of coupons, so comment quickly!!)

$4.99 Games ($2.99 each after rebate)

Candy Land
Chutes & Ladders
Hi Ho Cheerio’s

$8.99 Games ($5.99 each after rebate)
Battle Ship
Connect 4
-$4 off Hasbro Connect 4 game SS 3/21
-$4 off Hasbro Twister Game SS 3/21

$9.99 Game (no rebate)
-$5 off Hasbro Monopoly Board Game, Any SS 3/21

$11.99 Games ($8.99 each after rebate)
-$5 off Hasbro Bop it game SS 3/21
Sorry! Sliders
Connect 4 Double Grid
-$4 off Hasbro Connect 4 game SS 3/21
Guess Who Electronic

A Few Deal Ideas

(1) Monopoly $9.99
(1)Twister $8.99
(1)Connect 4 $8.99
$5 off Monopoly SS 3/21
$4 off Twister SS 3/21
$4 off Connect 4 SS 3/21
Total = $14.97
Get back $5 Toys R Us gift card
Submit Hasbro rebate for $6
Grand total =
3.97 for 3 games!!

(1) Bop-It $14.99 and
(2) Twister $8.99
OR Connect 4 $8.99
$5 off Bop-It SS 3/21
$4 off Twister OR Connect 4 SS 3/21
Total = $14.98
Get back $5 Toys R Us gift card
Submit Hasbro rebate for $6
Grand total =
3.98 for 2 games!!

Thanks SouthernSavers!!


Angela said...

I'm the first one to leave a comment!! give me some coupons...i never made it it CVS for my paper last night! UGH. :) This is great. and lots of fun! I'm liking the Franklin Goose thing too... :)

Jessica said...

absolutely. which ones do you want? I probably have 4 sets of each...

sharon migala said...

Hi Jessica,
I would love the connect 4 and twister coupons. Neil will be at TNT on Wednesday if someone from your family will be at church that evening or tomorrow I'll be out and about and we could meet up somewhere. Let me know on Facebook or call :-)

sharon migala said...

Last night I tried the link for the coupons to no avail. Today, it worked. So I am good on the coupons. Thank you for the offer!

Jessica said...

awesome Sharon! Just let me know if you need some more. :)