Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Flowering Cross

Wow. I cannot believe I am really doing this blog thing. I have wanted to for a long time, but I am on my computer SOOO much for work that I really didn't want another thing to have to do on the computer. Well, my attitude changed when I found out I could get FREE books just by blogging and reviewing them. I absolutely adore reading and I am thrilled to get to share my thoughts on books (and eventually other things, I'm sure) with anyone with an ear to hear...or should I say an eye to read?!

So, my first book from the awesome company Booksneeze is called The Flowering Cross. It is a precious account of a little girl who has a grumpy old neighbor. She, with her mother's help, befriends this neighbor and in the end leads him to a relationship with the Lord. It shows the drastic change from grumpy to joyful when he accepted Christ.

My favorite part about the book is that on every other page or so there was a scripture and what the author called a "Faith Imprint" which was a question or a thought to share beyond the actual text of the book. A thought to provoke a discussion with your child. While I expected some silly answers and maybe a bit of confusion from Reagan, my 5-year-old, I never expected what actually happened. First, the funny. One of the first Faith Imprints was supposed to be me telling about how Jesus died on the cross and rose on Easter. So, I asked Reagan, "Why do we celebrate Easter?" To my chagrin, his answer was "eggs?" I hear my husband, a pastor of all things, GROAN in the other room as he heard Reagan's response! Swallowing a laugh, I explained the real reason (although we go through this every year...maybe it will stick this year!), that being Jesus! His resurrection! He is risen!! His face continued to be sad and when asked, he said he was sad that he ever had to die in the first place. That is sad, I said, but He is ALIVE! Isn't that awesome?? His eyes lit up a bit. On we went with the book.

As we went through the part where they attend a church service and the pastor preaches about Easter, his eyes filled with tears at the mention of heaven. I asked him why he was crying and he said he misses his Great-Grandpa who he lost last year. Fighting back the tears myself, I said, but isn't it great how we get to see him again since you have asked Jesus to come into your heart and isn't it awesome how Great-Grandpa isn't sick anymore and he is with Jesus in Heaven?? He perked up a bit and then Really perked up when I told him Great-Grandma was coming to visit in less than two weeks! "Great-grandma, YAY!" he said. Whew, crisis everted.

I wouldn't have initially picked this book to buy for my two boys because it was very girly and the primary figure was a little girl. At the end of the book, there are instructions on how to make your own "flowering cross" to which Reagan emphatically said that, and I quote, "I would want a plain cross, no holes, no flowers...maybe some animals because I am a boy." So, yes a more masculine element would be interesting for my kids, but it is the perfect book for a little girl. I might give it to one of my nieces. :)

I am so nervous with this whole blogging thing. I hope I am making sense after lack of sleep, working , cleaning and running around after my kids all day!! Thanks for reading. :) Can't wait for my next book to arrive!


denise said...

awe, super CUTE review! WAY better than mine :) Reagan is such a sweetie.

Jessica said...

no way, yours was great!!

aunt mary said...

Awesome review Jessica and great teachable moment ♥U

Angela said...

Oh, that book looks so sweet. I love your blog by the way...did Denise help you with the layout?

Mom said...

OK, so by now, you have figured out that I am playing "catch up" with your blog and I'm - gasp - not going in order! Yea, it's killing me, but I'm trying to change....lol.

Sooo sweet about Reagan and Great-Gr'pa....then it makes me sad too that he never got to meet my dad. Oh how he would've enjoyed Reagan & Hudson, eh? And now, it's tomorrow already and Great Gr'ma arrives.

Love, Mom