Thursday, March 18, 2010

House Party

One more for today...well, maybe only one. We'll see!

While we are on the favorite things kick, this is one of my absolute favorite websites ever. It is They give you amazing discounts and FREE stuff from brands you know and love. All they want you to do in return is host a party with a few friends and family in your home to get the word out about the products. With each party comes your very own party pack with the coolest stuff in it.

I have won parties for X-Box Live, Dominos pizza (I got a $75 gift card amongst other stuff!), Gerber baby food (at a time when I really needed it!) and the most recent one I got was Arnold's Sandwich Thins (that round bread that is only 100 calories and has no high-fructose corn syrup in it). My sister-in-law won a Fisher-Price party a while back and got over $500 of free toys for her son! I can't use enough exclamation marks to describe the excitement when you win a party.

They have different parties to apply for all the time and I believe you can sign up for a mailing list so you can be the first to know when new parties are put on the site. For example, today, they e-mailed me to tell me that the Bicycle Playing Cards party is open for applications. I realllly want to win that one. I love playing card games!


denise said...

LOVE me some House Party too! So far I have only done three for some reason. You TOTALLY have the luck, well and Jess REALLY has the luck too! I hope to get more. In your post you should put "I will only share this with you if you invite me to your HP". :D

denise said...

I'm probably behind, but wanted to note... right now I am applying for Bicycle, White Cloud, Bic Soleil, Red Baron, and Aquafina. Thought I would share JUST in case you missed some of those and need to apply!

Jessica said...

Thanks Denise. I have only applied to the Bicycle so I need to catch up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica I just won the Green Paper towel and toilet paper one, thanks for the link. I am now going to swagbucks LOL -Heather Hoog