Sunday, May 2, 2010

Swagbucks: Winning Moments Week

If you are already a Swagbucks junkie, skip toward the bottom for info on Winning Moments Week. If not, read on!!!

If you have not signed up for Swagbucks yet, this is the time! Usually, you only get 30 swagbucks for signing up, but this week only, when you sign up and use the code SWAGNATION5 you will get 50 swagbucks!! Now is the time!

Swagbucks is simply a search engine (powered by Google) that awards you with points (swagbucks) that can be redeemed for practically anything! My goal is to buy an X-Box for my husband and I am getting closer to that goal every single day!!

How are Swagbucks earned?

* You get 50 Swagbucks just for signing up and using the code SWAGNATION5.
* Search the web using (or their toolbar that is super easy to download). As you search, you will find/earn swagbucks.
* Refer friends.
* Find Swagbucks codes on their swagbucks blog, their facebook page and you can check my widget at the very bottom of my blog for codes at any time. Also, you can find codes in the swagbucks toolbar, which is why I highly recommend it.
* Ask me for help if you don't get it. Comment or email me or facebook me and I promise I will help you as much as I can. It seems confusing, but it really isn't.

Does it really work??

I waited a longggg time to finally jump on board on the swagbucks train, but now that I have been doing it for a couple months, I wish I would have started earlier. I have already submitted for $50 in Amazon gift cards and am almost ready to go for $50 more which makes me halfway to my goal of an x-box 360 for Matt! You can also redeem for paypal money, gas cards, really anything you can think of!

Winning Moments Week

This week, Swagbucks is doubling the amount of times you can win throughout the day which means that you will earn faster so you can redeem for great prizes!!

Sign up through any of the links above or HERE and don't forget to enter the code SWAGNATION5!

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