Monday, May 31, 2010

Free Samples from Walmart

Did you know that you could sign up for FREE samples on the Walmart website??? As Jessica has mentioned in the past - samples are AWESOME! Not only do you get to try something before you buy it, but there normally is a GREAT coupon that will come with the sample. The ones I have seen tend to be $1 or more!

Don't use the product they are offering? Stop a second and think about any friends or family members that could use it. You can then give the sample and coupon to them when it comes in.

They change up every so often what they offer, so check back often!

If you click HERE, you can see their current give away samples. Right now it includes:
Olay Body Wash
Crest 3-d

What I like to do with any body wash, lotions, shampoo samples that I get is save them for trips! If we are going away for the weekend, staying at a friends house or family - it's great to have on hand, you don't have to bring big bottles, and you don't have to pay for travel size containers!

The added bonus is the surprise you get in 4-6 weeks, after you forget that you requested the samples, you get happy mail instead of bills!

Guest Contributor: Denise

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Mom said...

Thanks Jessica (and Denise). I love all the bargains and coupons.

Love, Mom