Sunday, May 23, 2010

Book Review: Greater Love

It is book review Sunday! If I can actually manage to finish a book every week, I will do my best to post a review of it on Sunday. If not, it be book review 3-1/2 weeks from now or whatever. :)

So, I FINALLY finished my latest BookSneeze book. It was the third in a trilogy, so naturally, I had to read the first two books in the series before I could read the third. Thanks a lot, Book Sneeze. No, really, thanks a lot! The series was great!

The first book in the Tides of Truth series was called: Deeper Water, followed by Higher Hope and finally Greater Love by Robert Whitlow. I have attempted to read some of his stuff in the past and never really got into it. I wasn't too thrilled to try this series in the beginning, but I am really glad I did. The first book was a tad hard to get into for some reason, but let me tell you, it was worth it. I just think that Robert Whitlow takes a long time developing his characters and storyline so where I am used to a "grab you on the first page" kind of book, this wasn't one of them and I came to find out that that is OK.

BUT, after you read the first book, you can totally jump right into the second and third books no problem because the first definitely leaves you hanging and you wonder what on earth is going to happen with Tammy Lynn Taylor (the main character). I think I am probably pretty bad at doing book reviews because I don't like when a book or movie is ruined for me so I am going to be pretty vague. I actually never read dust jacket blurbs on books because I don't want a thing to be revealed to me before I read it with my own eyes. :)

The Tides of Truth series follows Tammy Lynn Taylor, a law student who was homeschooled until high school. Her upbringing was extremely strict and regimented and the trilogy follows her through coming into her own. She completed college and was accepted into law school and she is coming to find out there is a whole big world out there. She is put in precarious situations that test everything she believes in and causes her to form her own viewpoints on things she previously hadn't thought of or encountered.

She gets a job as a summer clerk at a law firm and the first two books follow her experience there. The third book, Greater Love, is the perfect ending to the trilogy and it answers all the questions the author built up in your mind in the first two. Aaahh, that is really all I can say without ruining it for you! Go get these books and read them-they are great!!! :) I told you I am not good at reviews.


Ang. said...

So, thank you for giving me the head's up on this series as I will certainly go ahead and get started on it. Save the third book for me so I don't have to get it from the library! :) Whewwwhooo. :) I am almost done with A Same Kind of Different As Me. so I will get you that soon! ;)

Mom said...

thanks, Jessica. Good review. I have always liked Whitlow's works so I will enjoy these when I'm done with the other ones you got me hooked on! lol. Love, Mom