Monday, May 17, 2010

Publix: 05/13-05/19; my trip: from $143.21 to $70.21

Ummm, not sure how I forgot to post the weekly deals, but here they are...very late! These deals are still good through Wednesday though with new deals starting Thursday the 20th. Go HERE for a complete list. Also, even if you could care less about how I saved $73 on this trip, you have to read a very funny story at the end of this post.

Here is a short glossary for newbies:
manufacturer's coupon (MQ)
out of pocket (OOP)
Smart Source newspaper insert (SS)
Red Plum newspaper insert (RP)
Proctor & Gamble newspaper insert (PG)
Prices start at (PSA)
Buy One Get One free (BOGO)
Advantage Buy Flyer ABF(green-front of the store)

My Publix trip this week went something like this:

Publix 5 lb bag sugar $3.19

3 Shick Shave Cream $6.00 - $3 (3-$1/1 SS 5/9) - $3 (3-$1/1 ABF) making all 3 FREE

2 Shick 5 Blade razors $11.98 - $10 (2-$5/1 SS 5/9) - $2 (2-$1/1 ABF) making both FREE

10 Welch's grape juice BOGO $24.95 - $10 (8- $1/1 SS 2/7 and 2 $1/1 printable HERE) = $14.95 for 10 or $1.49 each

Crisco spray $2.50

Strawberries $2.50

Bananas $1.43

1 lb. Boar's Head Everroast Chicken $6.92

1/2 lb. Boar's Head hard salami $4.70

Publix Sharp Cheddar $3.50

Apples (I only buy Fuji-I know this goes against everything I stand for as far as saving money, but I like them. So there.) $4.49

Publix salsa 1.99

2 bags of pretzels BOGO $2.99

Oscar Meyer premium hot dogs (no nitrites, etc) $2.00

Butter $2.79

Fresh Express bag salad BOGO $3.69 - $1/2 coupon from Publix Family Style Magazine (a post on how to sign up is coming tomorrow)

Tomatoes $1.97

Pillsbury bread flour $2.49

2 premium 4 pack Bumblebee tuna BOGO $3.61

Milk $3.15

Deli lemonade $2.99

I also had a $5/25 from Save-A-Lot to use, but the cashier claimed that they could not take it for some lame reason. I politely said OK, took my coupon back, checked out, went straight to customer service and said "that boy who checked me out (he looked like he was 12) refused to take this competitor's coupon." The sweet lady took it, apologized profusely and said she would "talk to him" and handed me a $5 bill.

THEN, I was about to leave the store when I noticed Hudson holding onto the popcorn chicken I thought that I had purchased. I know that I had taken it from him to put it on the conveyor belt, but that little guy must have grabbed it back when I wasn't looking. With a sinking feeling of the $5 bill I had just victoriously received going back to the cash register from which it came, I glanced at my receipt. No popcorn chicken on the receipt. UGH.

Turned right around, explained that I had thwarted my 2 year-old's attempt to shoplift popcorn chicken and handed over the $5 bill to pay for the $3.92 chicken. Received $1.08 back in cash, threw it in my purse and lo and behold, I was able to use that $1 to pay for my $.80 of tax I owed at CVS yesterday. :) All was not lost.


sharon migala said...

Love the stock up on Welch's! I have maxed out my prints and already used my newspaper coupons. Hopefully I can get over my parents for a few more prints! I laughed on the story about Hudson, this would be something I could see one of my boys doing :P

christine said...

you are crazy

Angela said...

You did an excellent job! I'm hoping to do well this coming week as this last week wasn't a good week cause I never do big shopping on week two of pay check! ;) lol but let me tell ya, i did stock up on the Welsh's Juices cause I've been holding out on buying it knowing a BOGO was coming! :) Whewwhoo!