Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mother's Day Idea: Perfume-cash back and FREE shipping!!

I originally wanted perfume for Mother's Day, but Matt had a better idea and told me to just buy it on my own. YAY! I have been scouring all the discount sites and comparing cash back amounts through Shop At Home for about 30 minutes now. I have definitely found the best deal on perfume and I have done the research for you!

1. I always reccommend going through Shop At Home when purchasing on-line because you get CASH back on your purchase. Sign up and then pick which is going to give you 9% cash back!!

2. Click the green shop now button on the right hand side of the page and it will take you to the FragranceX site.

3. The reason I love this site is because they offer "testers" which are items that do not have the fancy packaging, but they are 100% full (they haven't actually been used as testers). They were intended to be used as testers, but the store probably didn't need them for whatever reason. I have ordered testers before and they are perfectly fine! I will never go back to ordering from any other site because get this....

4. The perfume I am ordering was no less than $60 (before shipping) at every other site. Here, I am getting it for $35 SHIPPED because right now fragranceX is offering free shipping if you use the code "FREE" at checkout! I might even get 2! :) OK, I did get 2. Plus, don't forget, I am going to get $6.45 cash back making it around $32 per bottle. That is unheard of. YAY!
5. Oops-one more thing-they have the most payment options I have ever seen on a website. They have PayPal, Bill me later, fax a payment, mail in a payment, google checkout and regular credit/debit card. I just thought that was neat. Another addition-they offer a 30 day money back guarantee in case you don't like the scent. :)

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