Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tropical Smoothie: National Flip-Flop Day=Free smoothie!

Tropical Smoothie is having their fourth annual National Flip-Flop Day on Friday, June 18th (tomorrow!). Wear your flip-flops into any Tropical Smoothie and you will get a free 20 oz. Jetty Punch (strawberries and bananas) smoothie! They are giving out 500 at each location. I have done this at least 2 times in the past and every time, my boys wear flip-flops too and we get 3 free smoothies!

Go HERE to find a location near you. I would probably call before you go to make sure the 500 hasn't been given away already. In the past, I have gone in at all times of the day and they still had not reached the 500 so it is always worth a shot.

Thanks Lauren!

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Joia said...

I've done this before too and LOVE it - the smoothie is Huge! It's super handy that we have a Tropical Smoothie only a couple blocks away! I hadn't thought about doing the kids (at least Keenan) too! Cool!