Saturday, June 26, 2010

Book Review: Lead Like Ike

To tell you the truth, I wasn't thrilled about this one only because I realllly like fiction books, but it looked pretty good when I got a hold of it. BUT, my dad was in town and since I have 7 other books calling my name on my bedside table, I asked if he would like to read and review it. He said yes! He didn't get to finish it, but these are his thoughts about Lead Like Ike -Ten Business Strategies from the CEO of D-Day by Geoff Loftus:

"There are lots of things which do not transfer between the military and business worlds, but there are far more I now see that do.

Loftus does a nice job comparing the tasks of the military and that of the business enterprise. He gives both the positives and negatives and very relevant examples which add to interest. I got both a historical and business education all at the same time. It cause me to reevalute some of the things I am currently doing, both in business and in life, especially as it relates to communication and interpersonal relationships."

OK, now I kind of want to read the book! :) Thanks Dad!

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