Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Samples galore!!

I am a subscriber to a great magazine called All You. It is only sold at Wal-Mart or you can subscribe to it and get it mailed to you. It has TONS of great coupons in it every month to the point where I almost (and I might!) want to subscribe to it twice so I can get two of them. It also has great recipes and tips and tricks as well.

Little did I know that on their website, they also have free samples with a new one posted every day! You can also go back and order the samples from several months ago as well. Thanks, Sharon, for telling me about this! We see many free samples in our mailboxes in our future!! And, don't forget that free samples normally come with high value coupons. Bonus!!


denise said...

I'm sure you know this, but I thought I would mention it for anyone else... that if you buy the magazine in the store, there is a coupon in it for 1/2 off your next magazine purchase. So if you want to try it out a few times before deciding to subscribe or not, that is a great way to get it for even cheaper!

Cindy said...

thanks for the link to get free samples from All You. I went to it and signed up for a few myself plus I'm trying to remember to now check it daily. All You is a great magazine. I subscribed to it, still waiting for my first one in the mail. Have you signed up for Proctor and Gambles newsletter? You can sign up to receive free samples from them as well. I got my first sample yesterday and it came with great coupons for the product.