Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy birthday Daddy!

It's my dad's 55th birthday today! Every birthday is special, but this one is especially so because he is in the United States! My dad is a missionary in Kenya, Africa and he first boarded a plane for Kenya over 5 years ago right before his birthday. I told the people he was with to make sure they remember his birthday in Kenya, but they replied that birthdays are not a big deal over there and it likely wouldn't happen. :( My heart broke. I am really into making birthdays at my house very special. It's an all-day affair with special meals, homemade cakes and time spent together.

Fast forward 5 years. This is the first birthday (and first Father's Day!) my dad has celebrated in the States since he first left for Kenya and I am so excited to have him home!!
I love you Daddy. Hope your birthday today is wonderfully special and fun! SO glad to have you here with us. Thanks for being the best Dad a girl could ever ask for. :)


denise said...

that is a SUPER SWEET post! Awe! Love the picture. You look the SAME then as you do now. Happy Birthday, Uncle Dan!

Lauren said...

Glad we could celebrate with him! Happy birthday to "Reagan's other grandpa Dan" as Emma prayed tonight. lol :o)

auntmary♥ said...

Jessica! GREAT tribute to your dad, & how special that you can celebrate his BD and Father's Day!!! This made me cry (sniff) Awesome photo from your wedding... I remember that day like it was yesterday.

Agree with Denise that you have not changed one bit... only thing is that you have grown more beautiful AND you blossomed from a gorgeous bride to a precious wife & mom.

I don't know who is more blessed - YOUR dad having YOU as his daughter or YOU having him as your DAD. ♥♥