Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Swagbucks: 70 swagbucks for new sign-up!

If you've been holding out on signing up for Swagbucks, NOW is the time to do it because you will get 70 swagbucks for signing up instead of the regular 30. Just sign up and use the code BackToSchool to get your 70 swagbucks added to your account.

The code is valid through August 15, 2010.

New to swagbucks or want to learn more? Check out my post on how to earn free gift cards and tons more.

P.S. It is only 450 swagbucks for a $5 Amazon gift card. Since I signed up several months ago, I have earned enough points for over $200 of gift cards. I have used them for wedding gifts, homeschool items for my kids and plan on saving as many as I can to use for Christmas shopping! You can get anything on Amazon and the GCs never expire!! Thus, why I love swagbucks. :)

P.P.S. Amazon isn't the only gift card available. My friend has been redeeming her swagbucks for $50 Southwest gift cards. Free air travel just for searching the internet like you normally would!


sharon migala said...

Hi Jessica! Are you able to use the $5 Amazon gift cards combined together on one purchase? Also how long does it take to receive the gift cards after purchasing them from Swagbucks?

Jessica said...

hey Sharon! Yep, you can stack as many Amazon codes and they do not expire. You can redeem for up to 5 of the SAME prize every month. So, if you have enough swagbucks, you can get up to 5 every month. I just ordered 5 on August 1st and I received notification on Monday, the 9th that they were available for me to use. They don't send you physical cards-they just give you the cards. Hope that helps!!

Heather Hoog said...

I just got $25 gift cert to for 450 points. They have a bunch of places locally and I figured we could use it for our date night service dinner. Just make sure to check the requirements some places are strict about what and how much you can use.