Monday, July 5, 2010

Swagbucks FAQs

Swagbucks Guide:

What are Swagbucks: They are points that you rack up and then you redeem them for gift cards, prizes, ALL sort of stuff. 450 swagbucks are equal to a $5 Amazon gift card for example.

1. First way to earn is by searching. Instead of Google, use Download the Swagbucks toolbar so you can always search right from there instead of going to
a.) search everything i.e. yahoo mail,, etc. You will earn SBs by searching several times per day
b) Also by having the toolbar and leaving a browser window open at night, you will have 1-3 swagbucks awarded in the morning when you wake up every single day.

2. On the top of Click on Ways to earn and then special offers. On the right hand side, click on no obligation offers. Click skip or next offer on each offer through 1-5 offers and be awarded 1 swagbuck every day. There are also special offers that require you to do something or are trial things. Like Netflix, sign up and get 750 SBs or directTV or get a free auto insurance quote-all award you SBs

3. Also, every day, you can click on Ways to Earn and then click on Daily Polls to take the poll and earn 1 swagbuck.

4. Also, every day, you can click on Ways to Earn and click on Trusted Surveys to win 1 swagbuck. ALSO, if you actually the take surveys, you can earn swagbucks too!

5. Buy things through SB and get SBs. Anything you could imagine-buy thru “Shop and Earn” and get 2 swagbucks for every $1 you spend. Buy something for $50, you get 100 SBs.

6. Codes-this is the most elusive, but fun too. First become a friend of swagbucks on Facebook-they sometimes give out codes on FB. Codes are always time sensitive so that is why they are hard. They will come out and say enter “???” by 4 PM Pacific (7 PM eastern) and get 9 swagbucks. So you enter the code onto the right hand side and click gimme to get the SBs. Sometimes the codes are on the swagbucks blog, sometimes they are on twitter and lots of times they are on the toolbar where there is a little envelope and it says From TSG (the Swag Guy) He will send you a little code through there so if you ever notice that it goes from 0 to 1 or 2, click on it and see if you can grab the code. I will try to email you guys when codes are out if I get them.

a) You can check the widget on the very bottom of my blog to see if there are swag codes out and it will tell you the location of the code or it will say “no code available at this time”

7. Referrals. Click on Promote. Click on Promote Banners and it will give you your own personal referral link- …so you can just copy and paste your referral link to friends with an explanation of what Swagbucks is

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me said...

Hey Jessica- All the other swagbucks stuff has worked out great but I still have not received the points for my DirecTv sign up and now they are not answering my emails (no phone number). I would recommend buying any 3rd party offers through them because since then I have meet many people online who are having the same problem of getting their points. -Heather