Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bob Books/Scholastic 15% off + 10% cash back

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Third Edition)
I am starting a new adventure! Homeschooling my kids. Something I said I would NEVER do. Well, I think I have learned my lesson on the whole "never say never" thing because here I am. Now, that I am past all of the selfish reasons why I wouldn't want to do it-I am VERY excited. We started last week and my kids are doing wonderfully.

I am following a great method called the Classical Method. Everything you need to know from K-12 is in a book called The Well-Trained Mind. Thank you to my friend, Jillian, who originally told me all about it. I am so thankful. This method is very college-bound. If you choose, your child can be 100% fluent in Latin (and you probably will be too!) by the age of 16. The book is great and lays out step by step instructions as well as scientific documentation on the effectiveness of the method.

It gives an extensive list of curriculum to buy (several choices for each subject) and places to purchase. Since we are just starting kindergarten, I needed some beginning readers that my son could read all by himself to gain confidence in his reading. The most highly recommended ones in the book are called Bob books.

So, I was going to order the Bob books on amazon for 11.55 each (5 sets for $57.75 + free shipping-which is a good price). But, then my mom sent me a 10% off coupon code for and so I figured I should compare prices to see if I could get them for any cheaper. Then, I thought to check the cash back site I try to always use when purchasing things on-line called Shop At Home to see if they gave any cash back to shop with scholastic and they do!! It is one of the highest percentages cash back I have seen-10% cash back!!

Basically, you would go to Shop At Home and then search for "scholastic". Then click the Shop Now button on the right-hand side and it will take you directly to Scholastic, but you will be earning 10% cash back. Plus, if you are a new sign-up, you will get $5 just for signing up.

The prices at Scholastic were a bit higher, 13.59 each. BUT, in addition to the 10% cash back on Shop At Home, they also had a 15% coupon code (SHOPHOME) AND free standard shipping on book orders over $25 (make sure you choose standard shipping at checkout). So, when all was said and done, I will pay 57.76 and then get 5.78 cash back so in essence, my total will be $51.98!! I was pretty excited. Each of the sets have 8 books so that is for 40 beginner readers for my kids.

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