Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some tips and tricks of couponing

Some of this might be old hat to a few of you, but if you are new to couponing, you may have never heard of some of these great tips!


1.) When there is a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) item at Publix (they have a huge list of them every single week), you can use TWO coupons even though you are getting one of them free.
On top of that, you can use one manufacturer's coupon (MQ), one store coupon (SQ) and one Competitor coupon on the same item.

So, if there was an item that was BOGO and you had 2 MQs and 2 SQs and 2 competitor coupons, you could use them all and possibly (probably!) MAKE money on that item.

2.) Publix accepts competitor's coupons!!! Think Aldi, Food Lion, Winn-Dixie, Target-these are all competitors to Publix and they accept all of their coupons. I love this policy!! You can go on these stores websites and sign up for coupons to be sent to you which you can then use at Publix.

3.) If you buy something at Publix and you forget coupons or find some later for an item you purchased, save your receipt and bring the coupons back in and they will hand you CASH in exchange for the coupons. Does it get much better? I did that this week and got $9.45 handed to me in cash.


1.) While they can be very inconsistent on their coupon policy, you can score some good deals here very often. They will accept 1 Target coupon and 1 manufacturer’s coupon per item which makes it easy to get things for free or almost free. Here is a link for their coupon policy which I always print out and take with me when I shop there to avoid any miscommunication.

On-line shopping:
1.) I rarely buy anything on-line unless I can find a coupon for it. is awesome for finding coupon codes and free shipping codes for most any store.

2.) I RARELY buy anything on-line unless I buy it and get some kind of rebate (cash back). There are many different rebate websites out there, but my preferred one is Go to their site, find the store you want to buy your item and you will get a certain percentage back on your purchase. Some stores offer up to 30% cash back and you get that in the form of a check mailed to your door! PLUS, you get $5 just for signing up with Shop At Home. Another popular rebate site is

3.) I use as my search engine (it is powered by Google) which gives me free points to buy pretty much anything I want on-line just by doing my regular searching that I would normally do anyway.

Printing coupons:

2.) Before you buy a particular product, go to their website and see if they offer any printable coupons or a sign up where they can mail coupons to your home; i.e. I wanted to buy some Mueller’s pasta the other day so I looked up their website and found that they had some very high value coupons ready to print!

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