Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fandango: $9 for TWO tickets

Today is Thursday, March 3 and the deal is still going so there is still a chance to get it! It's basically a buy one, get one free movie ticket deal. Yay!

At our movie theater, ONE ticket is now $9 so this is a good deal to get TWO for the price of one, essentially. I know it is even more expensive in bigger cities so this is a great deal. This deal is through one of the many daily deal sites called Living Social. I have purchased from them before and they're totally legit.

So, just go HERE and get your 2 Fandango tickets (which can be redeemed at any movie theater that particiaptes with Fandango-check out the Fandango website for your theater's participation) for only $9! This deal is only good for 25 hours from now so scoop it up while you can. :)

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