Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Review: Unleashed: Release the Untamed Faith Within

Unleashed: Release the Untamed Faith Within

I had never heard of Erwin McManus before...that is until we MET him in a Vietnamese restaurant in Georgia. Wow, that is a weird statement. A Vietnamese restaurant in Georgia. Anyway, my husband and some friends of ours were at an awesome conference in Atlanta last year and we were on a break to eat lunch. We walked to this nearby restaurant and were waiting for our food when this very eclectic L.A. looking guy walked in with his posse. I didn't think much of him until my husband whispered (loudly!), I think that's Erwin McManus...and proceeded to look up a picture of him on his iPhone to confirm his suspicion. He was right and we ended up getting a picture with the poor guy. LOL. He was very nice and accommodating though. Well, when I saw that one of his books was available for review, I definitely wanted to check it out.

Erwin McManus is a native of El Salvador. He currently lives and pastors a church called Mosaic in L.A. (I was so right about that part!). This book is called Unleased: Release the Untamed Faith Within. This book was originally titled The Barbarian Way: Unleash the Untamed Faith Within. Sounds kind of...barbaric! What you come to find out is that the barbarians love to live and live to love and that we need to be more like them; more about passion, intimacy, sacrifice and passion when it comes to our faith and our relationship with God. This book comes in at only 148 pages, but it is chock full of encouragement to adopt the barbarian way of fearlessness and live for Christ out LOUD. I would say it was worth it.

I received this book for free from BookSneeze in exchange for my honest review.

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